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About us


The INNOVACCESS website is since 2015 managed by consortium of the project Value Intellectual Property for SMEs (VIP4SME), Programme H2020 Innovation action, with guidance provided by the European Commission - European Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME).

The aim and purpose of the INNOVACCESS website is to serve the needs of SMEs within national and European basis whilst continuing to improve and intensify co-operation amongst each other and with general business support organisations.


The INNOVACCESS website was initially presented by the Network of NPOs in Europe in 2006. Then was the website adopted within the IPeuropAware project (duration 2007- 2011) and further developed and modified within the successive Iporta project (duration 2011 - 2014).

Aim of both projects funded by the European Commission was to foster the exchange of good practices between NIPOs and the development, improvement and implementation of support services and tools suitable for SMEs and to improve the capacities of NIPOs to provide IPR support services to SMEs.


The main goal of the VIP4SME project is to sustainably enhance Intellectual Property support services to SMEs in order to allow them to understand the value of the intellectual capital they create and own, and to define strategies and management practices allowing them to better turn this capital into commercial values and competitiveness.

The project consortium consists of National Intellectual Property Offices (NIPOs) from EU member states and countries participating in Horizon2020 together with local partners working in close cooperation with NIPOs and which are mostly business support providers having easy access to their local SMEs.

VIP4SME project leaflet