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You can find all the information of France about trademarks, patents, utility models, copyrights, registered designs, and all other IP rights.

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INPI is the national office. It raises awareness in educational, business, scientific and legal communities (courses on IP, meetings,…). Since 1998, it supports financially a plurality of projets promoting IP : free diagnosis about IP in your compagny, support for local initiatives in education and awareness in IP.

Ministry for Industrial Renewal


Minister for Industrial Renewal is in charge of tutelage of INPI, especially by his division (DGE), gives general orientations decided by political forces and makes choices on industrial strategies in France.

DIRECCTE offices (Direction régionale des entreprises, de la concurrence, de la consommation, du travail et de l'emploi), in tutelage of Ministry are in each regions in charge of most of industry problems. They are in contact with SMEs.

Ministry for Higher Education and Research


Ministry of research gives national orientations to research organisms, universities, finances a lot of institutions or laboratories. It tries to develop Innovation and technological transfers.

DRRT are the delegations of research Ministry in regions. They have an information, coordination and developpement mission, at the regional level.

Public Investment Bank - BPI 

BPI has a mission of general interest supporting the regional and national policies.

Its mission is to provide assistance and financial support to French SMEs during their life: start up, innovation, development, business transfer / buy out.

The basic principle is the sharing of the risk, in order to facilitates the access of SMEs to financing by banking partners and equity capital investors.

BPI has four areas of activity :

- Innovation support and funding : for technology transfer and innovative technology projects.
- Funding investments and cycle
- Guaranty funding granted by banks and equity capital investors
- Performing studies (SMEs Observatory) and providing on-line services to SMEs

BPI proposes two types of assistance: refundable subsidies and advances in the event of success.

BPI covers all areas of France, through its regional network.

Notices about support, to be chosen with different criteria related to your own case on this page



ARIST (Agence Regionale d'Information Scientifique et Technique) are regional agencies depending on Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry. There are 25 agencies in France, which work directly for SMEs, individually or organizing courses for SMEs and students. Some of them have very good competence in IP.


There is in France a comitee which fights against counterfeit (CNAC : Comité National Anti Contrefaçon). It was created in April 1995 to improve the effectiveness of the fight against counterfeit in France. Its missions are :

- Developping coordinated activities of information of the industrialists, consumers and training of the repressive services.

- Observe questions of counterfeits under the European and international level

- Draw up an assessment of the actions carried out in France and abroad, and search improvements of the current system

- Propose means of reinforcing ths co-operation projects at European and international level, by targeting in priority the largest producer countries in counterfeiting objects.

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