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Useful documents and webinars for your IP

NO TO FAKE - Consumer guides issued by the Italian Ministry for Economic Development (2014, English language)

NO TO FAKE FOOD - Brochure "The counterfeiting in the food sector"

NO TO FAKE CLOTHING - Brochure "The counterfeiting of clothes and accessories"

NO TO FAKE TOYS - Brochure "The counterfeiting of toys"

NO TO FAKE APPLIANCES - Brochure "The counterfeiting of domestic appliances, car and motorbike parts"


Information on IP system in Brazil (2014, Italian language)

Procedure of Trademarks and Patents protection in Brazil (2014, Italian language)

Practical information on registering trademarks and patents in Brazil (2014, Italian language)

The protection of trademarks and patents in Marocco (2014, Italian language)

Bio-patents and the future of biotechnology (2014, English language)

Schemes for IPR financing initiatives: Examples from Italian programs (2013, English language)

Information leaflet on software protection (2010, French language)

Signification of IP symbols (2010, French language)

Inventor´s guidebook (2009, Polish language)

Training on the methodology of analysis and evaluation (2009, Italian language)

Economic valuation of patents (2008, Italian language)