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Registered Design

You can find all the information of France about trademarks, patents, utility models, copyrights, registered designs, and all other IP rights.

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step 1


Prepare your design application

The graphic and photographic reproductions are the central part of the deposit. They must be presented by direct drawing or joining on the supports placed at your disposal at the INPI. Each reproduction must relate to only one object and represents only this one (do not represent other objects, accessories, people or animals). For the drawings affixed on not very thick materials (wallpapers, fabrics...), samples can be stuck or fixed on the supports.

Your illustrations must present an accurate and complete picture of your design. As they are central part of the application, you should be very careful with quality and choice of views.

If you need to explain any design features which cannot be clearly seen in your illustrations, you may include a brief description. If you do so, be careful not to indicate the design features of the object nor the manner of using it. The drawings or models do not protect these characteristics which can moreover involve its nullity.

step 2


The registration application, to withdraw at the INPI, must be typed with the machine. You must fill in all the headings applicable to your case and only those.

The justification of the payment of the fees must be produced as of the application.

For your application, you have the choice between the INPI offices and commercial court grafts to which you belong, or jurisdiction grafts ruling in commercial matters.

You have the possibility to make a simplified application, if you are an industry which renew frequently your collections. The reproductions do not have presentation demands and you only have to pay for the application fee (no reproduction fees).

step 3


Your file will be the subject of an administrative checking by the qualified services of the INPI before the reproductions are published.

step 4


After this examination, there will be a publication in the Bulletin Officiel de la Propriété Industrielle (BOPI). The public can see a specimen of the reproductions of your design or model in the Paris INPI office.

This publication can be immediate or be differed. It is your choice, according to strategic or commercial considerations. If you do not want to exploit your creation immediately, you can delay the publication during three years at the maximum.

Be careful, as if you have made a simplified application, the publication is automatically differed. If you want your creation to be published, you have to notify it in writing and to pay fees for reproductions.

step 5


Your drawing or model is now protected. This mention does not have a legal authenticity. It only recalls that the sign is protected and that the counterfeiter incurs sanctions.

In France, your design or model is automatically protected by copyright. The registered design protection is an additional protection.