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The toolbox hosts different IP tools useful for SMEs, IP intermediaires and IP actors.

If a toolbox-user wants to use the material of any tool for developing services, he has to request access to the material of the tool by contacting the provider. All material will, in principle be made available free of charge, however access to material of certain tools may be subject to the condition of signing a license agreement.

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  • Information on IP system in Brazil
    PDF - 720.99 Kb
  • Practical information on registering trademarks and patents in Brazil
    PDF - 343.79 Kb
  • The protection of trademarks and patents in Marocco
    PDF - 326.66 Kb
  • Procedure of trademarks and patents protection in Brazil
    PDF - 581.87 Kb
  • IPR sectoral guides
  • Industrial design locator
  • Economic valuation of designs and models
    PDF - 6.26 Mb
  • IA in a Can and IA Treasure Trail
    ZIP - 1.16 Mb
  • InnovAccess Cost Tool
  • Information leaflet on software protection
    PDF - 2.36 Mb