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Office Address

  State Office for Inventions and Trademarks

  5, Ion Ghica St., Sector 3

  zipcode 030044

  Bucharest, Romania


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The State Office for Inventions and Trademarks is open from 08.00 h to 16.30 h, Monday to Thursday and from 08.00 to 14.00 on Friday

Phone : +40 21 306.08.00; 306.08.01…306.08.29

Fax : +40 21 312.38.19


Website :


Free services

We provide access to the database our office uses to maintain up to date information on the status and details of applications and granted rights. There are various databases for Designs, Patents and Trade Marks.

Access to these databases can be found at Services.


Find below a list of IP actors available in this country. They are classified along the following categories :

Continous Training/Education University of Bucharest, Faculty of Law
 State Office for Inventions and Trademarks
 Romanian Patent Attorneys Chamber
Initial Training/Education Romanian Chamber of Commerce
National IP bodies State Office for Inventions and Trademarks
 Romanian Copyright Office
IP Professional Association *Romanian Patent Attorneys Chamber
IP lawyers (non-exhaustive list) (eventually the professional association) Cabinet Mihai Lucian Miculiti & Asociatii (Linklaters) IP Counselling 8, Nicolae Iorga Street 1st district RO-010434 Bucharest
Tel :+40 21 307 15 00
 Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen IP Counselling Bucharest Business Park Entrance A, 4th floor 1A Bucuresti-Ploiesti National Road 1st District RO-013681 Bucharest
Tel :+40 21 201 12 00
 Cabinet Nicolae Burchel IP Counselling 8, Dr. Radovici Street 5th District RO-050468 Bucharest
Tel :+40 21 317 58 41
 Bostina&Associates Lawyers
 V&F IP Consulting SRL 27, Camil Ressu Blv. Bl. N1, Apt. 214 Bucharest
Tel :+40 21 314 02 00
 Frisch & Partners SRL IP Counselling
 Musat & Asociatii – Intellectual Property SRL
 Cunescu, Balaciu & Associates
 Turcu, Turcu & Associates
 Vilau & Mitel Attorneys at Law
Guidance for financial assistanceNameRegionWebsite
 Center of Technologic Transfer ICPE – CA
 Center of Technologic Transfer MASTER TT 246, Iuliu Maniu Blv. Sector 6 Bucharest
Tel :+40 21 434 08 45
 Technologic Transfer Center of the Romanian Chamber of Commerce
 Center of Technologic Transfer UAV – IT INCUBATOR Industrial platform FN Vladimirescu Arad
Tel :+40 357 101 301
 Center of Technologic Transfer SC Optoelectronica 2001 SA 409, Atomistilor Street Magurele jud. Ilfov
Tel :+40 21 45744 98
 Center of Technologic Transfer CENTI INCD for Optoelectronics INOE 2000 Cluj Napoca Branch – within the National R&D Institute for Optoelectronics 67, Donath Street Cluj-Napoca Cluj
Tel :+40 264 420 590
 Center of Technologic Transfer CENTA within the National R&D Institute for Welding and Material Testing ISIM Timisoara 30, Mihai Viteazul Blv. Timisoara Timis
Tel :+40 256 200 222
 Center of Technologic Transfer AVANMAT within the National R&D Institute for Nonferrous and Rare Metals 102, Biruintei Blv. Pantelimon Ilfov
Tel :+40 21 352 20 48
 Center of Technologic Transfer Baneasa within the National R&D Institute for Microtechnologies IMT Bucuresti 32, Erou Iancu Nicolae Street Voluntari Ilfov
Tel :+40 21 490 82 36
 Center of Technologic Transfer ECOTECH 202B, Splaiul Independentei Sector 6 Bucharest
Tel :+40 21 316 28 15
 Relay Center within the R&D National Institute for CRTTC INCD pentru Mecanica Fina CEFIN Bucuresti 6-8, Pantelimon Road Sector 2 Bucharest
Tel :+40 21 25220 96
Guidance for valorisation (licencing, sale or any other form of IP transfer) Romanian Association for Technology Transfer
 Regional Center for IP Promotion Baia Mare
 Regional Center for IP Promotion Bistrita-Nasaud
 Regional Center for IP Promotion Brasov
 Regional Center for IP Promotion Cluj
 Regional Center for IP Promotion Constanta
 Regional Center for IP Promotion Covasna 4, Presei Street RO-520009 Sfantu Gheorghe Covasna
Tel :+40 267 318 152
 Regional Center for IP Promotion Galati
 Regional Center for IP Promotion Iasi 

Campus Universitar Tudor Vladimirescu bl. T24, first floor

RO-700305 PO 10 Postal Box 2002 Iasi
Tel :+40 232 214 763

 Regional Center for IP Promotion Timisoara
Organisations combating IP counterfeiting Public Ministry, IPR Department
 General Inspectorate of Romanian Police – The Directorate for Fraud Investigations
 General Inspectorate of Romanian Police – Border Police
 Customs Authority
 Romanian Anticounterfeiting Association


Support Service nameInformation
AwarenessThe OSIM is active in spreading awareness of the the whole system of intellectual property as widely as possible while also publicising details of its services. This information is primarily aimed at local business and commerce, but is also of value to the academic community or to the inventor.
Raising Awareness of IPWe aim to promote knowledge of and demand for intellectual property rights though our work with companies, business intermediaries, schools and higher education institutions: our commercial search and advisory activities: and directly to users through seminars, our central unit and this website.
Government FundingThe government provides grants that lower costs (up to 50% of each amount due), provided that the applicant or the owner of the granted patent/utility model has not taken over or transferred the right in legal conditions or for payment.
IP ClinicsThe information regarding the IP attorneys or specialised agencies can be found here.
Enforcing IP RightsTo enforce their IP rights, owners have the following means: • civil action, by which payment of full damages to the owner and the recall or removal of the infringing goods from the market or the destruction of the goods may be ordered by courts: •criminal prosecution (mainly if there is a large-scale counterfeiting of goods with an important impact on the market). To initiate action in criminal cases, a prior complaint by the right holder is not mandatory, since state institutions conduct the proceedings. However, the full cooperation of the IP rights holder is required. The courts can order imprisonment or fines or compensation of damages for losses suffered by the owner. The competent court for infringement cases are the Bucharest Courts, which have specialised panels.


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